DeliRush Story

The concept of DeliRush was sparkled by the inspiration and desire of its founders which is to showcase the flavours of cloud restaurants/kitchens to millions of customers.

Cloud kitchens/restaurants are food businesses with takeaway or delivery option. They can be home-based food businesses or food hubs in your local communities.

By providing an online platform for cloud kitchens / restaurants to post and promote their menu, anyone with the DeliRush app is able to discover foods from them and make an order food on-demand.

By doing this, cloud restaurants/kitchens businesses are empowered, and this also provide job opportunities for people to earn.

Who We Are

DeliRush is a tech company that is committed to provide and sustain innovate platforms for better consumers experiences.

Our way of doing this is by empowering businesses and in turn, generate new means of earning to people.

We are registered company in Singapore as DeliRush Pte. Ltd. and in the Philippines as DeliRush.PH Corp